Total Teen

Tracy Anderson’s Guide to Health, Happiness, and Ruling Your World

By Tracy Anderson

On Sale: 12/26/17
Category: Health & Fitness
Ages: 11-14
Trim Size: 7-1/8 x 9-1/8
Pages: 240

$19.99 US | $22.99 CA

ISBN: 9781623369323

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ISBN: 9781623369347

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About Total Teen

A body-positive health and fitness guide made just for girls, from one of the most trusted and admired names in fitness


Tracy Anderson’s Total Teen combines her signature strength and cardio workouts, simple recipes, and motivational stories to inspire health and well-being in girls. Tracy’s program is the culmination of 17 years of experience getting her A-list clients ready for the red carpet. With her first book for young adults, she prepares teen and preteen girls for something even more glamorous: developing into a happy, healthy adult. This eagerly anticipated title is a safe, effective, body-positive approach to fitness for girls.


  • Fun strength and dance cardio workouts, simple healthy recipes, and motivational stories that emphasize healthy, active living and positive self-image.
  • For tweens and teens whose bodies are still developing.
  • Inspired by Tracy’s personal journey as a teen and mother of a teenager.
  • Tracy is a fitness pioneer with almost 20 years’ experience who has trained some of the world’s most famous celebrities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and Robert Downey Jr.

About the Author

Tracy Anderson’s achievements as a multi-platform fitness and wellness pioneer make her one of the world’s most renowned experts in the health and fitness industry. Best known for her Tracy Anderson Method, her devotees include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Lopez, and even Miss Piggy. With five studio locations, more than 170 DVDs, and 60,000-plus copies sold of her adult title, Tracy Anderson’s 30-Day Method, she has transformed the bodies of thousands of people across the globe.


In addition to being one of the biggest names in fitness, Tracy is a mother, making her keenly aware of how important it is for young girls to get on a healthy, happy path (both physically and mentally) as early as possible.

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